Retrieve Photos from SD Card

SD card are also known as Secure Digital card. It is natively used to store digital information like pictures, videos, mp3 files etc. SD card are of the size of small chip which store data in digital 0’s and 1’s. It is natively based on embedded technologies. SD card comes with various sizes like 5GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

Photos are the best methods to collect memories. To capture treasured images we always prefer digital camera as they have a very crystal clear image quality. Now-a-days, with the advent of technology, digital cameras are coming with advance technologies to capture high quality pictures. There innumerable brands of digital camera like- Sony, Samsung, Nikon, Olympus, Cannon etc available in the market with several upgraded features. Digital cameras have SD card as storage devices. Often it happens that while using digital camera we accidentally delete some important clicks along with some unimportant photos. I can understand how it feels when the SD card gets corrupted or some of the images refuse to mount. Picture file recovery from SD card is no more a matter of worry.

There are many cases how your images from SD card may get deleted or lost from your digital camera, high-end mobile devices or from your Windows and Mac computers while connecting it to the system via card reader. The pictures lost can be your anniversary clicks, snaps of your new born, your recent vacation clicks and many more. Have you ever given a thought to how will you recover images from SD card in case it gets deleted by mistake. You have landed onto the right page as this article gives you a crystal clear knowledge on how images may get deleted or lost and how you can recover deleted picture files from your computer, camcorder, digi-cam or mobile phones. Now we shall explain you a scenario where users SD gets corrupted because of using it excessively with other insecure devices. The key point is user loses all the pictures of his last trip. And he craves for an ultimate solution for the problem on how to perform SD card photo recovery and restore lost or deleted pictures back.

Well, you do not have to be worried, take a deep breath and relax. You can save all your deleted and lost photos as nothing gets deleted or wiped off permanently until it is overwritten. What happens is only the header address for the file gets deleted and the space is marked as free displaying it is ready to accommodate new list of image files. Just a click and you are done. Download the best photo recovery tool that is more often regarded as SD card photo recovery software and run it on your Windows and Mac system, so within minutes you'll be able recover images from SD card. In case you want to retrieve photos from SD card of your digital camera or sophisticated mobile phones with new technologies, you need to connect them to your computers via data cable and perform the recovery operation. Below we shall glance on some of the reasons for deletion or loss of photo form SD card.

Scenarios of photo loss / deletion from SD card-

Some of the common reasons behind deletion or loss of photos from SD cards are-

  • Command prompt / Terminal point Usage- When we connect our SD card to our computer via a card reader or with the help of data cable to preview some images, this type of errors may take place. You might be thinking of deleting many folders at a time, but you go wrong while selecting the folders. You may enter the “Delete” or “Erase” command on Windows system or “rm” and “rm-rf” command on your Mac computers to delete it all at a time permanently. This package works well in this situation and acts as Photo recovery for Mac and Windows computer.
  • External exposure- We often use our SD card in different devices that are insecure. Excessively using these sophisticated devices in other digital and electronic devices may make your SD card prone to vulnerabilities like suspicious malware, spyware, worms and viruses. When your SD card is infected with malware you can loss your important treasured clicks as viruses eats up your entire file and thereby corrupts them as a result they refuses to mount. However with the help of photo file recovery tool you can recover images from SD card in few simple clicks.
  • Running an antivirus- When SD cards are infected by spywares, we run an antivirus scan to clean our storage device. Our photos may get deleted due to this action as the particular photo file may be an infected one.
  • Safely Remove wizard- Whenever we connect an external device with our computer, we must follow the appropriate method to eject it. Ejecting a SD card without clicking on the “Safely Remove” icon may corrupt our SD card which results into huge loss of images along with other important files that are stored in it. But using photo recovery app you can retrieve photos from SD card without any hassle.

Heart throbbing feature of this SD card photo recovery program-

This software has been crafted by industrial experts keeping in mind all the different reasons of image deletion and loss from SD card. It has user-friendly interface and a built-in advanced file scanning algorithm, which can recover more pictures of more than 300 different types of file extensions. The trial version for the software is available for free on the internet. This unique and excellent application comes in two different packages for Windows and Mac which supports all the different versions of both the Operating System. This software can recover PSD file from your computers and mobile devices. The software will not only recover images from SD card, but also allows you to recover images from various storage devices including USB drives, memory sticks, exetranla hard disks, internal hard drives, etc.

Guide on how to recover images from SD card?

Step 1: To retrieve photos from SD card, download and install the software for Windows and Mac Os into your system. Once downloaded, user needs to launch the software in their local machine. After you launch the software, user needs to select the option "Recover Photos" on the main screen.

In order to restore deleted or lost images from camera or other devices which supports SD card, user must connect the digital devices to the system via external cable or else remove the SD card from the device and connect it to their laptop or desktop via a card reader.

Recover Images from SD Card - Main Screen

Step 2: As soon the second window pops out, you need to hit the "Recover Lost Photos" or "Recover Deleted Photos" button in order to restore pictures from SD card of digital camera and proceed further.

Recover Images from SD Card - Second Screen

Step 3:On clicking the next button in the second screen, you need to select the appropriate physical or logical drive from the option displayed in the new window from which you want to perform the recovery process.

User has to opt for the option Memory Card from this screen to restore images from SD card of camera.

Recover Images from SD Card - Drive

Step 4:After selecting the particular drive a scanning process begins that thoroughly and randomly scans all your files and folders in order to retrieve the lost pictures. After the scanning process gets completed you can preview the recovered images either in data type view or in file type view.

Recover Images from SD Card - Preview

Step 5:If you are satisfied with the recovery process, you can save the files in a new destination by selecting the “Save Recovery Session” option.

Recover Images from SD Card - Save


  • We should avoid storing of new data and file in the same device or location from where the images are being deleted as the chance of restoration of deleted picture will be minimal if they are overwritten.
  • At the same time it is recommended to use a safe memory card instead of using a worn out and infected memory card to accommodate new picture files.
  • We should always keep the battery level of our camera high to avoid power-surge issues.

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